Why You Should Never List Emails on Your Web Site

It’s a bad idea to list any emails on your web site. Instead, direct visitors to use your web site’s Contact Us form. Here’s why:

  1. Spammers constantly scan web sites for email addresses, which they can find automatically. Once they do, the email address will be flooded with spam.
  2. You can’t track leads generated from your web site if people contact you by sending an email, even if they click on the email link. You can track leads collected through your Contact Us form or similar web.
  3. If you want to collect email addresses of prospective clients on your web site, not through your email server, there are ways to do this efficiently and accurately that will capture all of these customer emails in one central database, and won’t expose your email address to spammers.

What if your site doesn’t have a Contact Us form, or a way to capture visitor’s email addresses? Contact us on this web site, and we can help.

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