Blog (defined)

A Blog (short for web log) is a type of website that consist of discreet, text-based entries, or posts, that are typically organized in reverse chronological order, meaning the latest entry is listed first, and earlier entries are listed below.

Your Favorite Browser

Since the ability to access the World Wide Web is so essential, all computers, smartphones, and tablets are pre-loaded with a default web browser. This is the browser that opens automatically when you click or tap on a hyperlink. Examples of Default Browsers If you use several devices, like a laptop, a desktop, a smart …

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The WordPress Toolbar

After you’ve logged into a WordPress site, the WordPress toolbar appears above the top of all of the pages in the site, including Administration Screens, like the Dashboard. The Toolbar looks a little different on smaller screens, to help mobile device users: You can experiment with this using your favorite desktop browser. Simply shrink the window size …

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