Cadent helps you to build your business by using the Internet to:

  • reach new customers and retain existing customers
  • increase sales and profitability
  • build loyalty and excitement around your brand and your products.

Non-profits can benefit too:

  • build your community, find volunteers
  • spread your message
  • boost fundraising and online donations

How We Do It

We start with your organization’s goals, build a comprehensive integrated Internet strategy around your goals, develop and deploy the Internet tools you need to achieve your goals, and measure your progress using objective and industry standard metrics so you can identify what works and avoid wasting time on what doesn’t work.

What We Use

Just getting started? We’ll show you how to use free and inexpensive Internet tools to:

  • Improve your web site
  • Start a blog
  • Build an email list

Already have a web site? We’ll help you achieve your goals:

  • Use a content management system (CMS) to make updates to your site fast and easy.
  • Increase traffic to your site through SEO, advertising, and social media
  • Connect to your customers and community using email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and other social media
  • Collaborate with employees, volunteers, vendors, and even your customers using online tools.

We use open-source, standards-compliant solutions to build web sites that are easy to maintain and modify. This approach also reduces your dependence on expensive, proprietary software. Plus, the lower cost of these solutions helps improve your return on investment.

So, click here to contact us for help, or ask a question, or learn how you can do on your own with the helpful material on this site.