A close-up side view of a rowing team in action, with a focus on the athletes' upper bodies and oars. The team members are wearing matching tank tops, part of a coordinated crew. Their arms are extended, gripping the oars, which are positioned parallel to each other and dipped into the water, indicating synchronized movement. The sunlight reflects off the water, creating a shimmering effect, and highlights the muscles and focus of the rowers, emphasizing the physical effort and teamwork involved in the sport.


Our Approach

At the heart of what we do is teamwork and collaboration, with a laser focus on goals. We’re all about working together with our clients, blending your ideas with ours for the best results.

Who We Are

  • Focused on nonprofits, including the healthcare sector
  • Handle all aspects of online marketing & branding
    • Websites
    • SEO
    • Email marketing
    • Social Media
  •  A Massachusetts S-Corp. founded in 1994

What We Do

Cadent helps you to build your business online:

  • reach new customers, communities, patients, or members; and retain existing ones.
  • increase sales, profitability, or membership sign-ups.
  • build loyalty and excitement around your brand.

Non-profits can benefit too:

  • build your community, find volunteers
  • spread your message
  • boost fundraising and online donations

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