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Cadent is your guide to success on the Internet. We'll help you navigate the hard questions:

  • What kind of web site do you need?
  • Does your site work with smart phones and tablets?
  • How can you make or raise money on the Internet?
  • Do you need to be on social media? All of them or just one?

We'll help you connect online with:

  • Customers
  • Supporters
  • Donors
  • Fans

Is Your Web Site Ready for Mobile Devices?

We can help!
Fast and Responsive

We build your web site so it's fast and responsive. That way, it works well on every device, from a tiny smartphone screen to a massive monitor on your desk.

Safe and Secure

We secure your site so you don't have to worry about it. 

High Performance Hosting

Our hosting services are optimized for high-performance, responsive WordPress sites, so your site always looks great, downloads fast, and stays up.

Designed to Succeed

Your site design is what sets your site apart. We understand the importance of superb design and user experience in making your site succeed.

Built for Speed

We build your site with the latest technology and optimize it for blazing speed. 

WordPress Websites

We use the open-source WordPress Content Management System (CMS) as the foundation for our sites. WordPress sites are easy to update, and perform great for SEO. We'll customize your site design and features so your site stands out from the crowd.

Learn How to Make Your Website Work for You

Check out our blog for the best tips, tricks, and techniques to make your website better. Increase your site's performance, SEO, traffic, customers, and subscribers. Optimize your site for performance, for mobile and desktop devices.