Update an Existing WordPress Page

To update an existing WordPress page on your site, first log in using your favorite browser.

You can edit your site’s pages using a smaller screen device, like a tablet or a smart phone, but it’s much easier using a browser on your computer, or on a device with a larger screen, with a keyboard and a mouse. These instructions and screen images apply to that kind of setup.

Find the Existing Page You Want to Edit

To find an existing page to edit, from the Dashboard, select Pages : All Pages

Pages are often organized by how they appear in your site menus. Pages with a dash prefix (like this: — Sample Subpage) appear as sub-menu items under the parent page’s menu item, which is listed above, with no dash next to the title (like this: Sample Page).

If your site contains a lot of pages, you can also use the search box in the upper right corner to locate a page quickly by typing a search term. Type your search text in the box and click [Search Pages]. Shorter search terms will match more pages. Matching pages appear in the page listing below.

To edit your page, mouse over the page title in the page listing and click Edit.

Update the Page Contents

On the Edit Page, you can update and format your selected page’s text, formatting, images, media, and page attributes.

Page Editing Tips

  • Use the Visual editor to update the content on your page. The Visual editor is fast, accurate, and shows you a formatted version of your page. It creates pages that are quick to load and optimized for SEO. You can use other WordPress editing tools besides the Visual editor on your page, but the Visual editor is the first and best choice.
  • When you paste text into your page from other sources (like Word or other word processors) be sure to paste clean text to avoid formatting problems, and improve performance and SEO.
  • Format your text in WordPress so it’s easier to read, This will also improve your page’s SEO performance.

Publish and Review Changes to Your Page

After you’ve updated your page, you’ll need to save your changes so that they are visible to visitors to your site.

To save and update your page, in the Publish box (top of the right hand column), click the [Update] button.

Important: you must click [Update] to save your changes and see your changes appear on your site.

After your page saves (updates), a message appears right below the Edit Page title:

Page updated. View page

Click the View page link to see your changes as they appear to visitors to your site.

Click Edit Page on the WordPress Toolbar to return to the page editor quickly. Once you’re done editing your page, click [Update], then click any menu item on the left menu to leave the page editor. You can always go to the Dashboard, or click Pages : All Pages to view the list of pages in your site and select another page to update.

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